The Importance of a Pitch Deck

15 Jan 2020

A pitch deck tells the story of your business. I have read enough pitch decks at this point that I should be able to open one and by page 3 if not 2 get the basis of the business. When I get decks that are over 12 pages I find them hard to finish. It should be bold and to the point. Even 12 pages should not take very long to read.

I always stress the importance of redoing your deck several times. It is no different than writing your business plan. Putting information down on some kind of format makes it clear to you what is rambling around your brain is clear to others. It is an opportunity for possible investors or even senior hires to get excited. There should be room for conversation. Once I read a great deck that pulls me in I want to ask a bunch of questions. I do not want to know everything from that quick read.

A particular deck came through my box from three separate sources. Total reaction from me was no. They all praised the entrepreneurs behind the company. I ended up meeting them at an event and when I heard what they were doing I decided to meet with them. Their deck did not reflect their business. BTW, neither does the name of their company which is incredibly important too.

I have one entrepreneur that I am invested in who told me that a VC said he could not invest in them because of another investment that they had which was a competitor. That other investment was a totally different business that was not even in the same ballpark. Made me wonder about the pitch and the deck.

Take decks seriously. The deck can be your first foot in the door. They can help you hone in on the message. If it takes you more than 10/12 pages to tell the story then go back to the drawing board because you are missing out on the point.

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