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Create your world class pitch that stands out with our team

Investors come across thousands of pitches every year. Only the most appealing and engaging ones get a second look. Therefore, we help you create a professional pitch that impresses investors and shortens your time to get to a meeting.



We help put together an effective Confidential information memorandum (CIM) / Confidential Business Review (CBR) that significantly reduces your time and resources while presenting a world class pitch to potential investors. We can help prepare CIMs for both Buy-side and Sell-side deals, across industries customized for content as well as design


We help you confidently present your product or service to potential investors and other stakeholders in the most impactful and attractive way.

Executive Summary

A 2-4 slides teaser document, preferably on a deidentified basis, that is ideal for initial discussions pre-NDA. Its compact, custom designed layout highlights the critical deal details that would entice the potential investor to know more.

Business Plan

A detailed plan laying out the current and future business potential along with a detailed operational and financial analysis.

Financial Modeling

Building A Dynamic Financial Model That Enables Decision Making

Creating comprehensive and detailed Investor-ready business plans, financial models, and growth projections for M&A, capital raising and budgeting purposes.


Linked 3 Statement Model

We prepare detailed inter-connected financial model linking the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement

Forecast Model

We develop complex forecast financial models to assist through multifaceted decision-making processes and periods of change while validating the forecast assumptions to present realistic scenarios

Merger Model

We provide detailed mergers and acquisition model that enables you to evaluate financial synergies and the true impact of the transaction.

LBO Model

We prepare leveraged buyout models creating multi-layer parameterization including debt scheduling, IRR calculations and sensitivity analysis.

In-Depth Research

Analytical and Data Driven Research For Deeper Insights

In-depth buy-side and sell-side research by leveraging global databases and our analytical capabilities


Curated Outreach and Target list

We provide you with the most accurate data that matches your ideal seller / buyer / investor profile. Our highly trained lead researchers have the know-how to combine bespoke data points with market information to provide high quality leads.

Valuation Analysis and Opinion of Value

Our team of highly experienced analysts and business experts use objective measures to analyze and evaluate capital structure, asset value, future earning potential, and deal structures to bring in pragmatic approach to valuation.

In-depth Industry / Sector Analysis

With access to several leading databases and research reports, we have the ability to provide in-depth industry and sector specific research.

Competitive mapping

We prepare in-depth competitor analysis across various industries and verticals and provide critical information on business structures, products & services, marketing strategies and SWOT analysis.

Management Consulting

Creating outstanding value in a world where competitive advantage is always shifting

Our management consulting services address our clients' most pressing issues and opportunities in all industries and geographies, including strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, and sustainability.


Corporate Strategy

A clear corporate goal, a consistent parental strategy, effective capital allocation, and a compelling investor story are all required to ensure that the entire business portfolio is worth more than the sum of its parts.

Business Strategy

Delivering value-creating growth demands not only a keen awareness of how the competitive landscape is developing, but also the imagination to envisage your company's distinctive road to victory—as well as the resources and discipline to see it through.

Finance Function Excellence

A world-class finance function and an approach to financial management that is linked with strategy, digital, and effective at developing and maintaining a performance culture are required to achieve superior business results.

Family Business

To fully realize the advantages of family enterprises, it is necessary to strike a balance between the needs of the company and the needs of the family.

Deal Support

Tell your brand story with the power of stunning, well-designed presentation

We provide in-depth competitor analysis across various industries and verticals and provides crucial information on business structures, products & services, marketing strategies, and SWOT analysis.


Full-time Analyst / Associate support

Depending on your location in the US, Europe, the UK or Australia, outsourced analysts are cost effective to the tune to 30% to 80% of the costs of onsite analysts. We Our team of expert business analysts, associates and ex-investment bankers follow a business centric approach to Research and Analysis thereby offering bespoke solutions while saving significant costs.

Project based deal support

Project-based outsourcing has become a crucial need for businesses, especially in times of project intensity increasing periodically or in the absence of new staffing opportunities. We offer easy access to highly qualified and reliable financial analysts and associates with strong corporate finance, investment banking and successful deal execution experience for your specific deal requirements.

Deal Marketing Outreach

We help source, make contact, and secure your exclusive deal opportunities, from start to finish by leveraging our rich deal network, experience, technology and resources.

Deal Support

Tell your brand story with the power of stunning, well-designed presentation

We work with the same passion that drives you to achieve your deal objectives. We provide pitch deck consulting services based on our own experience.


Presentation Design

Touch up any existing presentation of any kind by utilizing our team of award-winning graphic designers. Modernize your presentations and meet the latest industry standard with clean, professional, and eye-catching design, layouts, and graphics.

Website Design

Provide us access to your website for our team of award winning graphic designers to provide updated and modernized graphics and design bringing your site up to date.

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